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When the Dream Becomes a Nightmare

This may be of no interest to those who have never dared to dream; to the poor souls who don’t believe in miracles.

But for the rest of ya…

God speaks to some in parables and others through symbolism, but He has to be a little more straightforward with me. I guess, despite all my heavy metal ramblings and dark alliterations, I’m just a simple, country boy at heart.

A few years ago I had a dream that I was standing in what looked like a circus tent, watching a number of people with jetpacks on their back. Yeah, that sounds a little screwy, but stay with me. Everyone but me was flying through the air, preforming amazing stunts. I was very jealous and watched them all with the slightest bit of contempt.

Once I woke up I realized the “jetpack people” represented those whose dreams had come true. They were all professional writers, performers or artists of some kind.

Even in my dream, I knew this was sent from God, and said, “Look at what these people are doing! Yet here I am, stuck on the ground, watching, waiting.” I almost couldn’t bear to watch good things happen to others, knowing I was still in the “desert” of waiting.

Like Moses.

I watched for what seemed an eternity, until at last I heard God’s voice: “Close your eyes; trust Me.” I did, and after a brief spell, felt a sudden sensation in my gut. All at once I knew…

I was flying!

I opened my eyes at one point, seen I was flying near the top of the tent, and became frightened. Once more, however, I heard His voice:

“Close your eyes; trust Me.”

After a while the dream ended, and everything went black for a second. From the darkness I, again, heard a voice I knew to be that of the Lord:

“When you do fly, it will by My might and My power, not your own.”

I knew this was not any type of insult to me or my talents, as if I were fully helpless or hopeless. What it does mean is we trust in the Lord to open the right doors at the right time. We wait, patiently if possible, until that time happens, and when it does, it’s time to go to work!

After receiving a call to ministry over 35 years ago, I’m just now beginning to see doors open, but guess what? It has nothing to do with ME, and everything to do with God and His perfect timing. I did NOTHING to open these doors, but rather, stood in awe and worship as they opened on their own.

I think of it like a popular, Hollywood actor who calls in a favor with a director friend, and fenagles a screen test for their child, who wants to follow in daddy’s footsteps. The parent’s celebrity status opened the door, but once through said door, the offspring themselves have to earn and keep whatever part it is they’re destined to play.

I tried so hard for so long to make my dreams come true; so long, in fact, that the dream itself nearly became a nightmare. I gave up so many times I can’t even tell you!

“I’m done!” I’d tell my wife. “I’ve had my heart broken, again, and I can’t take anymore!”

Tears, anger and depression would inevitably ensure.

A few weeks later, though, I’d be back at it, working hard, praying and honing my craft.

It wasn’t until I gave up trying to move the hands of the universe, and fully trusted in the Lord, that something actually began to happen.

So, if the Lord has given you a dream or vision, but nothing seems to be happening, as if time is moving in reverse dog years, I’d like to offer the following advice:

1) Don’t try to force doors open, it only ends in frustration. If you really believe the dream is from the Lord, and furthermore, you truly believe He has your past, present and future in His capable hands, then rest in that.

2) Trust the Lord fully, implicitly, with all your heart. It will happen when you and the world are ready, in God’s perfect timing, not yours.

3) Work through the frustration which will surely come. Enjoy today and squeeze all the joy you can out of it. Don’t stress about tomorrow, for only God has control of it.

4) While you wait, work hard on becoming more like Christ; a better, more loving and more compassionate human being. Believe me, this will help you work through the frustration.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t end this with my own personal catchphrase:

Never give up, never give in, never surrender!!

Hope this helps, I really do.


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