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“I Bleed Dark” Poetry Book

Father-Son Poetry Duo

Penned over a period of years by a man living in chronic pain and his young son, this atypical spiritual poetry book is a startlingly visceral series of transient images, seen through dusty windows, flying swiftly by on the authors’ personal
road to righteousness. Their art springs forth from the unforced rhythm of the soul – the cry of tell-tale hearts, plagued by darkness and shrouded in light.

If viewing this book in PDF format is difficult (or impossible), please feel free to click the “down arrow” button below, in the gray area on the right, and download “I Bleed Dark.” Or, if the book itself doesn’t show up (like with my phone), just click the “Download” button.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you need prayer or just someone to talk to:

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