There Is No “Foul Attitude” Entitlement

There's definitely a blanket of oppression and fear in this world. People are trapped inside their houses, minds and/or bodies. Families are turning on each other. Marriages are breaking up at a higher rate than ever. Churches are splitting and pastors are giving in to weakness and burnout in alarming numbers. People used to respectfully … Continue reading There Is No “Foul Attitude” Entitlement

Our Song of Deliverance

I discussed my suicide attempt and how the Lord saved my life in two of my earliest blogs, “My Suicide Part 1” ( and “My Suicide Part 2” (, both from December, 2016. The long and the short of it is that I had come to the end of my rope, took several dozen pills … Continue reading Our Song of Deliverance

Dare to be a Revolutionary

A good friend of mine named John Alarid, an ex-con, ex-drug addict turned inner-city preacher, recently asked the Christian metal band Bred 4 War ( to perform at his church, CityReach, in Springfield, MO ( Now, remember, in John’s congregation you’ll find a whole slew of people just like him: hardcore sinners, seemingly "hopeless cases," … Continue reading Dare to be a Revolutionary

5 Daily Habits that Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Mental Health

This article is being shared from the Goalcast website. It was written by Matt Valentine.  Link to article: (April 20, 2018) Over the past two decades, mental health has become a prominent part of the conversation on health and well-being. The research is out and it’s overwhelming: mental health is as critical as physical well-being. In … Continue reading 5 Daily Habits that Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Mental Health