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My Book

Sometimes, the light of Jesus Christ shines brightest when it bleeds through the cracks of a broken heart.

“We Whom the Darkness Could Not Overcome – War Journal #1” is a heroic testament of the power of good over evil. It details the annihilation of darkness in the human spirit.

Be encouraged by these tales of redemption as you read about the defeat of Satan in the areas of:

* Drug addiction   * Chronic pain  * Suicide    * Imprisonment    * Depression                       * Spiritualism   * Incest   * Self-loathing     * Eating disorders     * Insanity

Combining testimonies with and poetry and war journals—diary entries relating the struggle to overcome chronic pain, depression and other demons—We Whom the Darkness Could Not Overcome is an exciting declaration of God’s saving grace in the lives of everyday people just like you and me.

“They defeated him (Lucifer) by the blood sacrifice of the Lamb and by the message of God that they told people. They did not love their lives too much. They were not afraid of death. (Revelation 12:11 ERV, note added)”

Your spirit will be lifted as you peruse the tales of a few brave souls who survived their own version of hell and triumphed in the name of Jesus Christ!


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