Just A Sliver About Me

I’m 50 years old (egad), and have lived through not only chronic, debilitating pain and depression (including one suicide attempt), but the first moonwalk, Watergate (lost a lot of sleep over that one in first grade, I tell ya), the deaths of Elvis, Bon Scott, Kurt Cobain and many others, and, finally, the births and deaths of disco, 80s “hair metal” (WOOHOO!) and 90s grunge (BOO). A few months ago my creative muse wrapped his greasy, wrinkled hands around a rusty, ball peen hammer, and has been tap-tap-tapping on the chamber door of my spirit ever since, begging to slither out of his hole and get some fresh air. Thus, I shall let him out and see what type of damage he can do.

YEESH, forgot to mention: I’ve been married for 30 years, have two amazing kids and one equally amazing grandson. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. However, as Christian comedian Mike Warnke once stated, “All that and $.50 can get me a cup of coffee at Sambo’s.”

Blessings, and glad you’re here. Stick around, perhaps we can encourage each other to carry on, at least one more day.