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Just A Sliver About Me

I’m 52 years old (egad), and have lived through not only chronic, debilitating pain and depression (including one suicide attempt), but the first moonwalk, Watergate (lost a lot of sleep over that one in first grade, I tell ya), the deaths of Elvis, Bon Scott, Kurt Cobain and many others, and, finally, the births and deaths of disco, 80s “hair metal” (WOOHOO!) and 90s grunge (BOO). In December, 2016 my creative muse finally slithered out of his hole for some fresh air, and I started the blog. Since then I have written about a variety of topics, including my dealings with pain and depression, as well as stories about my family and friends, the occasional new poem I happen to write, a couple of short fiction stories and even a few blogs about my grandest musical love affair, heavy metal.

YEESH, forgot to mention: I’ve been married for 32 years, have two amazing kids and two equally amazing grandkids. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Evangel University and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Drury University. However, as Christian comedian Mike Warnke once stated, “All that and $.50 can get me a cup of coffee at Sambo’s.”

Blessings, and glad you’re here. Stick around, perhaps we can encourage each other to carry on, at least one more day.

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