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There Is No “Foul Attitude” Entitlement

There’s definitely a blanket of oppression and fear in this world. People are trapped inside their houses, minds and/or bodies.

Families are turning on each other. Marriages are breaking up at a higher rate than ever. Churches are splitting and pastors are giving in to weakness and burnout in alarming numbers.

People used to respectfully voice disagreements with political leaders. Now, hatred and death threats are the order of the day.

But guess what? I can’t control any of that and neither can you.

You know what you can control? Those hateful glances at your loved ones.

Those snarky remarks you make about your significant other.

The anger you spew on unsuspecting strangers, simply because you’re in loathing with yourself.

It’s not their fault is it?

I’ll admit I’m an eye-roller. I try not to but sometimes it just slips. That “gimme a BREAK” sigh happens without me realizing it.

But I won back my wife almost 30 years ago because I know how to apologize. I told her I would change and I did. That macho “if she doesn’t like it she can LEAVE” attitude is complete crap.

You must never stop fighting the darkness which seeks to consume your soul. You cannot cease to war against depression and anger.

If you want more light around you, it has to start by shining out of you.

I live in pain and have for 35 years, but that doesn’t give me the right to be a jerk to my kids.

Maybe your dad’s in prison and your mama left, and I know that SUCKS, but it doesn’t give you license to steal the joy from everyone’s day.

My wife and I had supper last night with some dear friends, Gary and Carol. Their daughter passed away a few years ago, and Gary has had health problems for years.

But he doesn’t complain about the ugliness of life. No, he’s probably one of the nicest, most giving and funniest people I know.

When he hears you complain about problems, he could compare battle scars and would probably win, but he doesn’t.

NO, he laughs and says, “Suck it up, buttercup.”

I know you may be scared of being too vulnerable, but it’s better than dying lonely right?

I was blessed to have my wife and son accompany me on a work trip to Montana this week. We were high in the mountains and didn’t have much of an Internet signal, which is why I haven’t blogged in a while.

A lot was riding on me and it would’ve been easier to be a jerk to my family, but I fought the mounting pressure by seeing a movie and a little sightseeing in our spare time.

It’s better to open the door to your heart and let people in than try to hide behind your fear by acting like a moron. You have no “foul attitude” entitlement.

If you plan to have any healthy relationships at all, please take it from this ole dog of war: begin to realize pain, pressure or your past is no excuse for lashing out blindly at those most precious to you.

Never stop battling your inner demons! Strangle them with love, light and laughter.

Blessings, my friends.

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