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Celebrate Every Miracle – Even The Small Ones

Our world seems to be struggling under a wet blanket of anger, hate, fear and tragedy. With that in mind, I have a positive and uplifting story today.

My son-in-law, Josh, has struggled with addiction and anxiety for many years. I previously wrote about he and my daughter divorcing, and how the Lord brought them back together.

It was one of those miracles we never asked for. God did it just because He could.

But even when they got back together, some of the old struggles remained. There was a time when Josh’s anxiety wouldn’t let him leave the house.

But this past Monday he accompanied the rest of the family on a day-trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Here’s a picture of him, my daughter and grandkids at a large Jesus statue, called “Christ of the Ozarks,” which is the site of a nightly performance of “The Passion Play.”

Josh handled the trip wonderfully and even drove home for us.

Look closely at that picture. You see a man and his family, but I see a miracle of no small proportion.

Several of his friends are either dead or in prison, but he’s alive and fighting his demons. It’s a daily struggle and some days are worse than others, but he has God and the family behind him, rooting for him, encouraging him and praying for him.

Yeah, Monday was a good day. We all had so much fun.

When we finally got home after the one hour and fifty minute drive, Josh told me he’d never driven that long at once.


I think it’s vital we celebrate every miracle. Even the small ones, because they’re not so small to the recipient.

Way to go, Josh. Keep going and growing and never stop, bro.


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