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Those Thundering Songs Which Define Me

I never blog on the weekends, but with my wife out of town and my son and I not feeling well, we couldn’t make it to church, so I thought I’d try to redeem the morning somehow. 

Music has been a driving passion since I was a child. Being an artistic soul, and having gone through so much pain, sorrow, anger and depression, I have a short list of songs which thunder in my spirit. 

At times a lost child and at other times a blood-drenched soldier, these anthems make up the DNA of my warrior soul. 

In “Song of Deliverance,” Zach Williams sings, “Get behind me Satan, no more fear and no more shame. My debt’s been paid, I’m no longer your slave.”

“103” by Disciple is from Psalms 103. It’s one of those rare tunes I define as “heavy metal worship.”

“This Fragile Breath (The Thunder Song)” by Todd Agnew. I can relate to this song in that before I started writing this blog, I told the Lord I would like to redeem something from all the darkness I had trudged through.

“He’s Alive” by Don Francisco. This song means so much to me, and I am usually in tears by the time it’s over.

“Run Devil Run” by Crowder. One hour I might be cowering in fear, and the next pointing my finger and laughing at the enemy, singing this song to him as I laugh at the thought of his defeat.

“Rooftops” by Jesus Culture. I can’t really explain why the song touches me so deeply, but it does.

“Shadows” by Resurrection Band. Having survived a suicide attempt, this song has been like fire in my soul ever since I heard it as a teenager.

“Lift Your Head Weary Sinner” by Crowder. Nobody is beyond redemption. Many times I have come stumbling in like a prodigal.

“I Am” by Theocracy. In the Bible, God calls Himself “I Am.” This song attempts to explain what that means.

“The Anthem” by Jesus Culture with Jake Hamilton. Here we are Lord, shake our nation!

“Can’t Stop Loving You” by Resurrection Band. There have been a few songs with this title over the years, but this song means the most to me of all of them. The part which especially speaks to me: “There’s nothing more that I’d like to do, than see your face and fly away with you. To pass those gates and enter Heaven, with my wife and all my children.”


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