Why I’m Not A Veteran

“No one has greater love [nor stronger commitment] than to lay down his own life for his friends. (John 15:13 AMP)” In two of my earliest blogs, “My Suicide Part 1” (https://brokenpeople.blog/2016/12/22/my-suicide-part-1/) and “My Suicide Part 2” (https://brokenpeople.blog/2016/12/23/my-suicide-part-2/), I shared the story about my suicide attempt while in Army basic training at Ft. Jackson, South … Continue reading Why I’m Not A Veteran

Hurt People Hurt People

One unfortunate result of tragedy and turmoil is the emotional fallout. They spew venom from the pits of their own personal lake of torment, and we get dumped on. Then we turn around and judge this person solely on a single action, such as flipping us off in traffic, or not replying as happily as we felt they should've in the drive-thru. But we can't see the torment their weary eyes have veiled. We are fully unaware of the agony they have endured. They might've felt they were going mad last night, yet, having been awakened by the coming dawn, decided to give life just one more shot.