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Had a rough week with my chronic pain. That, naturally, brings me down emotionally.

Now, I know the before and after of not only the assistance people try to offer, but the big picture regarding temporary, earthly torment.

“It won’t last forever!”

Yeah, Heaven is just around the corner.

“The sufferings of this world…”

…can’t compare to the glory of the next world. I know.

God bless those who try to help, but sometimes, we just need our moment of pain. There are times you need to take a step back, offer your love and prayers, and let us cry or scream out our frustration.

Ya see, whether it’s seering pain, crippling anxiety, suffocation depression or some other issue, it’s freakin’ exhausting, dude. It’s overwhelming and freakin’ aggravating.

I’m a Christian and will never give up. I know my agony is temporary. I know God speaks through my struggles to encourage others. I know I’m blessed beyond measure and things could be much worse.

I know that.

But God and I still need to work through the darkness. As far as I know, it’s impossible to endure agony of any kind 24/7 and remain steadfastly, uproariously cheerful all the time.

We have a bad night, we move on.

Please please please let us have our occasional bad night.

And to answer someone’s question, this is not a veiled message to someone in my life. My wife and I didnt have a fight and I didn’t pop off to one of my kids.

I just want people to understand that, no matter how tough we are, bad nights are inevitable. But we don’t give up. We never give up.

To surrender to the darkness is to fall short of our true potential. To quit is to shut the door on all our future blessings.

Either we trust God or we don’t. Either we believe He has our best interest at heart, or that He is a vicious and heartless puppet-master, pulling strings for His own amusement.

So to God, I say, “Thanks for everything. I’ll make it through tonight, and then praise You for the sunrise.”

Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Blessings. Love you guys. Prayin’ for ya.

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