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ME: “Look at that dude starin’ back at me in the mirror. How did I let myself go like this? Helpless, hopeless. Pathetic. Pain-riddled, half-crippled. Embarrassing.”

GOD: “He’s doing so well with all his pain. Some have given up, but not him! He means so much to his family because he’s such a great man. I’m so proud of my son!”

HER: “No wonder he left. LOOK at me! Skin sagging, eyes bagging, my butt is dragging. I’m light years away from who I used to be. God, I’m only 35 but I look 65.”

GOD: “Look at my beautiful daughter! The enemy has thrown so much at her but still she stands. She’s grown stronger these last few years, and is almost ready for the next exciting phase of her life. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to open that door! What a beautiful girl…”

HIM: “I hate myself. I’m not kidding. My wife can’t stand to look at me. I can’t work anymore, and after my surgery I’m pretty much a waste of space in this world. Why doesn’t God just me me die??!!”

GOD: “He’s had it rough lately, but doesn’t even know his own strength. He’s the ROCK his family and friends lean on, and he doesn’t even see it. I love that man, and am so proud to call him ‘son.’ One say soon it’ll all make sense. Hang tough, my boy! DON’T QUIT!!”

THEM: “Life is bleak and debilitating. Nothing matters. Money, sex, fame, it’s all meaningless. Not sure it’s even worth the pain.”

GOD: “I’m here and I love you. I suffered the agony of watching My own Son shed His lifeblood so you can be saved. Come to Me, you who are weary, and I will give you rest. Life is but a wisp of morning fog, and is over so quickly. Call out to me while you may, and I will save and heal you.”

If you can’t see yourself through God’s eyes, try to start improving your self-perception by seeing yourself through the eyes of those who love you the most. You are special, you are loved, you are unique and you are amazing! Don’t forget that.

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