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MAN #1:”Good morning.”

MAN #2 (mysteriously, from the shadows): “Morning, my friend. How are you today?”

MAN #1:”Same. I’m tired. I’m sick of this pain. Everything looks dark and ugly to me. Life stinks.”

MAN #2: “It’s not all sunshine and roses, that’s for sure (he smiles). Nobody ever said it would be, right? But there’s still a lot of beauty left. I understand, though. I’ve faced my share of agony and anguish. Sometimes ya just beg God to release you, but it’s never that easy, is it?”

MAN #1:”Ain’t it the truth? I know there’s beauty, but seems all I ever see is hate and anger. And DEPRESSION, good grief! I mean, seriously, is everyone on the planet depressed these days?”

MAN #2: “The devil is raging. He knows his time is short. But soon he’ll be done FOREVER. You know how this ends, we’ve talked about this before, my friend.”

MAN #1:”I’m just burned out and exhausted. I’m sick of all the death. You know how many friends and family I’ve lost?”

MAN #2: “I do. Death and I are old friends. I buried my dad and one of my best friends. I’ve done that graceful dance with death many, many tines. Follow the Lord, however, and you don’t have to be scared of death. You neither SEEK it nor RUN from it, and when it does come, it will be a welcome friend.”

MAN #1:”Sorry for complaining. We don’t speak that much these days, and I know that’s my fault. When we DO talk, feels like all I ever do is gripe about my life. Must be exhausting for you.”

MAN #2: “Not at all, although I will admit I miss you. Also, I wish you’d try and find some of the beauty in life I mentioned a minute ago. But it’s all good, I still love you.”

ME (MAN #1): “Thanks, love you, too.”

JESUS (MAN #2, from the shadows): “I know you do.”

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