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“God Came Screaming Back”
By Rob Weddle

We know of a lady who was terrorized four years
By a little man who seemed to feed on women’s tears
Kept her under thumb, he did, and turned her on to dope
Tried to rip her soul right out ’till she abandoned hope

But mom and dad know God protects the children gone astray
He constructs the gates that keep the demons all at bay
Turn your back on God,  you may, and yet He loves you still
Saving those the world rejects must be His biggest thrill

In vain the tiny one fought to destroy the precious girl
And for a spell the little one trapped her inside his world
But prayers broke through to Heaven’s door and God came screaming back
The girl crawled from her shadows while the one faded to black

Her father feels no empathy or love for that small one
He tries to say “he’s got a soul” and “he is someone’s son”
Yet in his heart he truly can feel NOTHING for the boy
The girl whom one tried to destroy, a father’s greatest joy

Now you’d never know it when you look into her eyes
But she has suffered realms of pain her beauty seems to hide
We happened on the little one by accident one night 
And when he could not meet her glare we knew she’d won the fight

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