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Me and Mom at KISS

While many are posting pics of their moms planting flowers, holding babies or attending KISS concerts (ok, maybe that’s just me and my amazing mom) this Mother’s Day, many other moms are rising from another sleepless night of postpartum depression or grief.

This blog is dedicated to the moms who’ve trudged the dark paths others have not the strength to walk.

To the mom who watched your child spiral out of control, but never lost faith.

To the mom who faithfully visits your son or daughter in prison, saving all your tears for the long walk out.

To the mom who walks the streets trying to find your child, praying to God they’re not lying in a ditch somewhere, beat up, stoned or dead.

To the mom who’s sitting in the hospital with your son or daughter, wiping tears from their face, silently screaming out to the heavens, wondering why the evils of cancer chose to plague your happy home.

To the mom who goes without food so your children can eat.

To the mom who averages four hours’ sleep so your precious little one can stay fed, safe and warm.

To the mom who limps in from a backbreaking day at work, only to spend the next three hours carrying out the duties no one else is able or willing to do.

To the mom who protects your child from an abusive man, taking the brunt of the violence yourself, willing to give your life if needed, to ensure the safety and survival of the one you love the most.

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.” God, in Isaiah 66:13

To the mom who was tasked with the horrifying responsibility of verifying the identification of your son or daughter’s body.

To the mom who chooses to love that precious one whom another had abandoned; circumstances, finances and the criticisms of others BE DAMNED.

To the mom who keeps your head buried in the scriptures, on your knees every day, asking Jesus to visit the souls of your wayward children.

To the mom who watched your child slowly fade away from drugs or disease.

To the mom who endured the pain of being cut out of your son or daughter’s life, having been forbidden to see your grandchildren.

To the mom who had to choose your baby’s burial gown.

To the mom who stood between your son or daughter and violence, without a moment’s hesitation, and with no concern for your own safety.

To the mom who places the same bouquet of flowers on your child’s grave every year, nearly breathless from the agony and mourning.

To the mom who gave up your dreams and career to concentrate fully on raising good, godly children.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” Proverbs 31:28

To the mom who, like my own mother did so many years ago, braves the world of your child’s depression, dogged in your pursuit to bring just a smidgen of light into their dark world.

To the mom who weeps on the same few days every year, wishing to God you could hold your son or daughter just ONE…MORE…TIME.

To the mom who finally gets clean, only to watch your child begin the same, arduous descent into addiction.

To the mom who must silently endure the pain of watching your daughter and grandchildren being abused at the hands of a coward, fully powerless to stop it.

To the mom who risked everything to escape the clutches of madness.

To the mom who masks all fear, soaking your pillow at night with prayer and tears, begging the angels to protect your son or daughter in uniform.

Yeah, this blog is dedicated to you. I love you, and God does, too.

May the Lord visit you with an extra measure of comfort and laughter today.

You’re stronger than most. You’re braver than me. I greatly admire your courage! Make no mistake: you are a bright, shining example of strength and inner beauty.

May God richly bless you. Happy Mother’s Day, 2020. You’ve made it another year!

I knew you would. With your tenacity, and the name of Christ on  your lips, not even the devil himself can stop you.

Keep it up, and know my wife (an AMAZING mother in her own right) and I are praying for you every day!


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