The Glory Outweighs The Gloom

If you’re looking for the ugly, vile and putrid in life, it’s there. But if you CHOOSE to look for it, I think you’ll find the glory in this world far outweighs the gloom. Like when you’re taking a walk, and suddenly look up and see one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever witnessed.

Get Medieval on the Demon of Depression

The dark cloud of depression can be emotionally crippling, can it not? We keep swallowing all that vile bitterness, not wanting to burden anyone. Suffering in silence. Sometimes our friends and family are aware and sometimes they’re not. Some interpret our depression as laziness, while others see it as a serious lack of motivation. Well, maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s age, maybe it’s chronic fatigue, but maybe, just maybe, it’s depression. I'm here to say I feel ya, but I'm not giving in. I'm not gonna quit, and you can't either.

“I’m Just So Tired…”

I’m tired. So very tired. Although I have yet to discover the secret to boundless energy, I've decided to surround myself with those who do. You may not remember it, but long ago, before life beat you into submission, you used to run and play. You laughed and drank water from the garden hose and tied a towel around your neck as a cape to help you fly. Yes, you did, you just don't remember it.

Hats Off to the Veterans of Pain & Life

Sometimes I literally have to speak to the old dude staring back at me in the mirror. "Make peace with him," I say. "You're older, you're not as thin. Look at him. Make peace with him. His wife loves him. His children love him. His grandson and his parents love him. You must love him, too." We can allow the aging process to blanket our entire soul, or we can acquiesce to the inescapable, and cultivate an appetite for the artistry and charm of life.

What’s Holding You Back?

Is something holding you back from loving with all your heart, and if so, what are you afraid of? Since telling stories is what I love to do the most in this life, allow me to give you access to a conversation between my wife and I, from nearly 30 years ago, that, up to now, nobody else but her and I were privy to. It’s difficult for me to be so vulnerable, but I feel there are many people who are holding back in life, terrified of being hurt. As far as I’m concerned, however, life is a beautiful, amazing, breath-taking adventure, and I'm all in.