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“‘Till the End”
By Rob Weddle

Darkness creeps and smothers in
Crouches under crimson moon
Demons whisper on foul winds
…The end is coming soon

Brothers ever growing weary
Sisters bleed depression here
Bones are weak and eyes are bleary
Saturated in cold fear

Weak in spirit, weak in heart
Drained unto the point of death
But we will not be spun apart
Spitting ’till the final breath

Crawl through muck as time descends
‘Till the end
‘Till the end

Gather friends into the night
Speaking life into each other
Drawing blood in every fight
Cleaning wounds of one another

Death must rip me clean apart
Before I ever leave my post
Night will need to stop my heart
And turn my soul into a ghost

I’ll defend all those I love
‘Till I discard this mortal coil
Cloaked in pain but soaked in Blood
‘Till man and spirit disembroil

Come war with me, we’ve a Cross to defend
‘Till the end
‘Till the end

2 comments on “‘Till the End (new poetry)

  1. Rob Weddle says:

    Thanks so much, Don.


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