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No matter the beautiful family created
No matter the glorious house, locked and gated
No matter the slick little car in the driveway
No matter how smoothly it cruises the highway

No matter the job with its walls in decor
No matter the cost of the tiles on the floor
No matter the colorful clothes in the closet
No matter the size of our weekly deposit

No matter the elegance felt in our lives
We can buy everything sought by the eyes


There will come a day when none of it matters
When all our illusions of grandeur are shattered

One soul-shaking day we shall stand before God
As He traces the steps of the path we have trod

And all the fictions we’ve devised in our tiny minds
Truths and lies
Yours and mine

Shall fall away

On that day, our summation of existence will come down to these:

How well did we carry Jesus in our hearts?
How well did we fight to suppress our own dark?
How well did we truly serve our Creator?
See, life is a play on a stage in a theater…

For an audience of One

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