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I’ve had two back surgeries, the last being a quadruple fusion with the insertion of a cage in my lower spine. I suffer from four different and debilitating spinal conditions, and along with this chronic pain, have fought the emotions which come along with it, including depression, despair and anger, for nearly 40 years. Yeah, you could say I have “issues,” but my love, my heart, my wife—Laura—has never strayed. She’s never wavered in her love FOR or devotion to me, and for this I am eternally grateful. It’s only because of her and Jesus that I am alive today.

“While She Walks With Me Through Hell”
By Rob Weddle

I cried to the fates last night
“Why is it me you hate?”

The pain, a red-hot, scorching light
so far from heaven’s gate

Tears fell slow onto the bed
as I fought desperation

Spirits dancing in my head,
all breeding desolation

Reaching for my one true love,
I dared to share my heart

“I swear to my God above,
I feel just…torn apart.

“How much longer this frontier;
this desperate, blinding pain?

“Storms of frigid doom and fear
in this, my bleak domain?”

But my love had no reply;
that is, except her smile

In the stead of her goodbye
she held me for a while

“All I know,” she whispered low,
“is you’re my soul, my heart.

“You’re stronger than you’ll ever know,
and I am HERE, sweetheart.”

We cried together for a second
while emotions fell

I’ll be ok, I reckon,
while she walks with me through hell

I love you baby…

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