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By Rob Weddle

Time to go to the hospital!
Time to start pushing
Time to feed the wee one
Time to take him home
Time for her 2 AM bottle
Time to baby-proof the living room
Time for school
Time to practice
Time for recess
Time for algebra
Time for summer break
Time for prom
Time to graduate
Time for his date
Time to buy the ring
Time for the ceremony to begin
Time to wallpaper the nursery
Time to go to the hospital
Time to start pushing
Time to fetch the car
Time for a raise
Time to trade in the Volvo
Time for her 40th birthday!
Time to take his medicine
Time for her appointment
Time for the grandkids
Time for the chemo
Time for dinner
Time to pick out a dress
Time for mourning
Time to let go
Time for dancing

Yet suddenly…

In paradise…

With Jesus and loved ones who’ve gone on before…

Time is nonexistent

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