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There’s so much pain in this world. Can you feel it? If you can’t, I envy you.

People of all ages are choosing suicide over survival. They’re opting for flight instead of fight.

They’ve been beat down to the point where they feel there’s no gas left in the tank. Survival mode has dwindled to near nonexistence.

Some of the same people who are envied for their looks or money or talent are the same ones found dead on the floor in their 20s from some self-inflicted WHATEVER.

Well, I’m here to tell you, life is worth the fight. Your soul is worth the pain you suffer. I beg you, hold on a little longer. You have people who love you; people who would be left in ruins if you took the coward’s way out.

Not to sound like ole Slick Willy Clinton (sorry, couldn’t resist using my dad’s nickname for our former president), but I feel your pain.

I’m tired, and you are, too.

To those who’ve been bullied, I feel ya. I was, too.

To those who suffer from massive self-loathing, I feel ya. It’s hard to grow up being insulted for your economic status or body type and NOT feel this way.

To those who struggle with depression, I feel ya. Believe it or not, there are MILLIONS who share our plight.

To those who feel imprisoned by anxiety, I’m so sorry. I’ve not fought this battle, but I have precious family members who do. Some experience it so bad they don’t wanna leave the house.

Still, the war goes on and they refuse to relent.

To those who feel the searing blade of chronic pain, so much that you don’t wanna get outta bed in the morning, I feel ya. I’ve gone nearly insane from the pressures of constant pain over the years. It really can push someone beyond the veil of sanity, can it not?

To those who feel crushed under the weight of grief, I’m so sorry. I have a cousin who lost both his sons at a young age, and friends who have lost children or parents much too soon. Their grief is palpable, like dampness on your face on a foggy morning. It’s as if they’re lost in a storm cloud, looking for a mere sliver of light.

But I’d bet good money your lost loved ones wouldn’t want you to give up.

To those who feel alone in this world, keep searching. For every so-called “freak,” there’s at least one other person who shares your eccentricities.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like some kind of weirdo because you suffer from one ailment or another. I suffer, my friends suffer, my family suffers, but we won’t give up.

We’ll never give up.

You’re never alone, even when the devil tells you otherwise.

Don’t believe the lies. Keep loving, keep fighting, and keep raging against the pain. Keep laughing, keep giving, and keep rising to the occasion.

I know you may not believe this, but I love ya. My wife and I, who run Demonkill Ministries (check us out on Facebook), pray for you. We think you’re worth it.

Many blessings.

…fight on!

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