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Love You, Baby

Laura, you and I have both said Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday, created by merchants to drum up business between Christmas and Easter. Maybe, but I’d still like to take this time to, once more, pledge my love to you.

We were just kids when we met at the church hayride. We hadn’t grown much more when I took you to your senior prom a year and a half later.

I remember just staring at you all night. You looked so beautiful.

Even more so when we married later that year.

The day we were married I walked around smiling all day, I was so happy. For the picture above, the photographer said, “Don’t smile for this one,” and I recall how difficult that was for me.

Through so many ups and downs, you’ve been my rock! I just knew you’d always be there. Never had I a single doubt about that.

We’ve been together so long, you are a part of my heart. As our former Pastor said, “Where there’s Rob, there’s Laura.”

The thing which astounds me is, since we fell in love 35 years ago, you’ve always had the same smile every time you see me.

Every…single…time. It never fails. You see me and your whole face lights up. Have you any clue how that warms my soul, like a fireplace on a frigid, blustery night?

See my smile, baby? You do that. Only you can make me this happy. You’re the strongest, happiest, bravest and most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

What a privilege to travel this life with you, princess!

If I were to be called heavenward this very night, I would have no regrets. My life has been light years beyond incredible, and that is mostly thanks to you, my love.

When we were teenagers I wrote you a note which said, “In the darkness which is my life, you are my light.” Do you remember that?

A family member inquired, “The ‘darkness’ that is your life? What’s so awful about your life?” I couldn’t put it into words, but you knew I struggled with depression, even as a teenager.

You knew, yet you stayed. You understood, still you chose to love me. Knowing it wouldn’t be easy some days, you stuck around.

I’m not sure why you did, but I cherish you for it. I’m eternally grateful for you, sweetheart.

My valentine.

My Little Princess.

Thanks for not running scared when things got tough. Thanks for loving me when it would’ve been easier to split. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Thanks for your gorgeous soul. Thanks for that heartwarming smile, the one which lights my world.


Here’s to another 35 years.

With all I am, I love you, baby.

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