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Poetry — “No Fear and No Regrets”

“No Fear and No Regrets”

By Rob Weddle

No fear of a grim tomorrow

No regrets of yesterday

Don’t look back in abject sorrow

Force yourself to shine today

Worry is a shadowed storm cloud

You design inside your mind

Screeching screaming seeming loud

Its power only you define

Remorse will execute delight

When lifeless history invades

Makes you veil the morning light

In worthless tears and darkened shades

Rise into the creeping dawn

With thoughts of blind determination

Swear to God you’re no one’s pawn

Then let Him birth a new creation

Fearing what is imminent

Will masquerade true cheerfulness

Imagination soon will end

When hope bows to profound distress

History’s inverted birth

So may it ever rest in peace

Massacre your guilt with mirth

And recognize it as deceased

Eager minds will greet the sun

With aspirations well in tow

Dreams can never be undone

If you ignore the status quo

Have no fear and no regrets

Of what’s to come or what has passed

Failure is an idle threat

Go make your vision come to pass

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