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New Poetry — “7 Thousand Years Ago”

“Yeah, man, I was young once
About 7 thousand years ago
Dumb, full’a spit and fire
Seems all I have left now are tears, though

No, that’s not true…

That’s a lie from Hell…

Devil’s messin’ with my head
Tryin’ to get my mind off the prize
But he’s wretched, ugly
Got nothin’ but hate in his cold, dead eyes

Jesus, I beg of You…
Gimme strength tonight
Gimme joy, gimme freedom
Remind me that everything’s gonna be alright

Come be that cool, Spring breeze
On a sweaty, August day
I know the gifts You give, Jesus
Can’t nobody ever take away

Satan I bind you in Jesus’ name
I rebuke that slithering hiss
For I may be low tonight
I may feel your scaly kiss

But JOY…

I said “JOY…”

Yes, Lord…

JOY comes in the morning

Devil, you can’t touch nothin’ my Lord has not allowed you to
God is my King and my adopted Father, and He’s gonna see me through

And there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it”

By Rob Weddle

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