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New Poem – “It’s Crazy”

“It’s Crazy”
A Poem for Laura
By Rob Weddle

It’s crazy how beautiful you are
That you’re just as lovely inside and out
That your spirit glows, trickling heaven about
That you enter a room and it illuminates throughout

It’s crazy how you stuck with me
That you never split through my “stupid” years
That you roll with all the glumness and tears
That you remain, through laughter and cheers

It’s crazy how much you mean to me
That I can’t fathom life without you
That, alone, I’m a bit fragmented, askew
That for today and all time I want to be with you

It’s crazy how much I love you
That we’ve been together twice as long as we were apart
That you hold all the virtuous pieces of my heart
That I cherish you more now than at the start

It’s crazy…
But I dig crazy


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