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New Poem – “I Weep”

“I Weep”
By Rob Weddle

I weep for this world, once so bright and thriving with possibilities
Now bitter, cynical and short-tempered

I weep for my children, tangled up in a country working against
—not FOR—
them, as it was when I traversed a youthful path

I weep for my grandchildren, so bright and alive
Blossoming, in a bloody, dangerous land
tolerant of everything and nothing

I weep for the godless & dismal
spitting in the face of Christ
Unaware He was tortured to death for their eternal soul

At times I cackle & snort, you betcha
as life is a charming odyssey

But I grieve
and while moments pass, weep harder
And more

While my spirit soars…

Even so, come quickly, Lord


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