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Ditch the Haters

You can choose which voices to listen to, did you know that?

I’ve had a thousand creative dreams since I was a teenager, almost none of which came to fruition. That being said, I refuse to keep those in my inner circle who bring me down, or disrespect my vision.

Disagreeing is a different topic, man. I’m not talking about that, I’m referring to the “haters” who do nothing but rag on you, mocking your dream. That I won’t tolerate.

The way I figure it, there’s too much discouragement in the world today; you need to surround yourself with those will offer you encouragement. 

You need like-minded, positive friends and supporters who bring light to your spirit, and lift you up when you fall.

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In Matthew chapter 9, a group of people brought a paralyzed man to Jesus on a mat, believing their friend could be healed. We read in verse two that once Jesus saw their faith (it doesn’t say “the man’s faith” or “HIS faith”), He forgave the man of his sins and healed him.

“THEIR” faith. This dude surrounded himself with like-minded individuals who not only believed in him but were willing to go to great lengths to help him achieve his dreams.

They didn’t mock him.

They didn’t laugh at him, which they easily could’ve done. No, they believed in the man so much they hauled him to Jesus (we don’t know how far they’d traveled, perhaps very far) in faith.  They marched forward, believing in the impossible.

Jesus noticed their faith and helped them achieve their dreams.

The “haters” didn’t like it one bit, but at the end of the day, it’s not them who matter.

So I say, DITCH THE HATERS. Choose to allow only voices of encouragement in your circle.

Here’s a poem I wrote a couple years ago about this:

“My Entourage”
By Rob Weddle

 Life hacks deep like a machete
Cutting grave and saucy into flesh
Grating on bones; slicing hopes and dreams like codfish

Fiends will smile while they ridicule
Glaring into your world like dark spirits
Sucking the life out of life
Turning their collective back on your grandest triumph

But I choose to be happy
Despite the world
Despite the naysayers
Despite the mockers
Despite those who look on with disdain

Despite those who dub themselves “friends”
Yet rip me to shreds in private
Or pay me no nevermind at all

Despite the pretense of compassion

Despite words feigning life
Yet screaming “DEATH!” behind jaded eyes

Despite every last one of ‘em…

I know who loves me
And though but a handful
They are the ones in my entourage

Please be mindful of the voices you allow to influence you. If someone is trying to help you, even if they’re “critical,” that’s fine. Take the criticism and let it help you grow.

But you don’t have to put up with those who mock you, laugh at you or tear you down.

Don’t let those voices in.


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