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“God Rescued Me From The Grave”

We’ve all experienced that fear of worrying if the Lord has left us alone to die in our anxiety and pain. But at the right time, HIS time, He will tear open the sky, thunder out of the heavens, fly across the sky, riding on an angel, racing on the wings of the wind, and scatter His enemies. OUR enemies. King David found this to be true when he was rescued from certain death at the hands of those who sought to kill him:

“The Lord is my Rock, my fortress, my place of safety. He is my God, the Rock I run to for protection. He is my shield; by his power I am saved. He is my hiding place high in the hills. I called to the Lord for help, and he saved me from my enemies! He is worthy of my praise!

“Death had its ropes wrapped around me. A deadly flood was carrying me away. The ropes of the grave wrapped around me. Death set its trap right there in front of me. In my trouble I called to the Lord. Yes, I cried out to my God for help.

“There in his temple he heard my voice. He heard my cry for help.

blog 07-07-17“The earth shook and shivered. The foundations of the mountains trembled. They shook because he was angry. Smoke came from his nose. Burning flames came from his mouth. Red-hot coals fell from him. He tore open the sky and came down! He stood on a thick, dark cloud. He flew across the sky, riding on a Cherub angel, racing on the wings of the wind. He wrapped himself in darkness that covered him like a tent. He was hidden by dark clouds heavy with water. Out of the brightness before him, hail broke through the clouds with flashes of lightning.

“The Lord thundered from the sky; God Most High let his voice be heard. He scattered his enemies with his arrows—the lightning bolts that threw them into confusion.

“Lord, you shouted your command, and a powerful wind began to blow. Then the bottom of the sea could be seen, and the earth’s foundations were uncovered. He reached down from above and grabbed me. He pulled me from the deep water. He saved me from my powerful enemies, who hated me.

“They were too strong for me, so he saved me. They attacked me in my time of trouble, but the Lord was there to support me. He was pleased with me, so he rescued me. He took me to a safe place (Psalm 18:2-19).”

No, our God is not weak. It feels as if He has turned His back on us at times, and abandoned us to our own demise, but rest assured: He loves us, and will bend the very heavens to protect us, if needed.

In my blog, “My Suicide,” which I wrote in two parts (here’s the link to part one:, I discussed how my enemies of fear, confusion and a crippling personality disorder joined forces to try and destroy me. But thank God, He cared about me, even when I tried to throw away my very life. He reached down from above and grabbed me. He pulled me from the deep water. He saved me from my powerful enemies, who hated me.

The fact you are alive, and reading this, is proof He has fought Hell to hold you.

No, you’re not alone.



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