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The Anguish of Night Shall Not Prevail

Thus far, my 2017 has had a rather lackluster beginning.

In addition to my “normal” chronic physical and emotional struggles, my sleep apnea has also gotten so bad I feel like I could play the role of “aging male zombie with gray beard” on “The Walking Dead.”

If I were to sit around and contemplate nothing but my pain, I would surely go mad. That’s why it is so important to get out of our comfort zone sometimes. Push the limits. See the world, even if it’s just taking a short drive to a local and previously unseen attraction.

Do something, don’t just wallow in your self-pity. Someone needs your encouragement. Someone needs your smile. Someone needs your laugh. Someone needs your hugs.

For example, my grandson, Joshua, doesn’t understand chronic pain. He just knows he loves his Poppy.

I could hide in a dark room and bemoan my suffering, but it’s more fun to be “Redneck Iron Man” with Joshy:

The devil wants you to keep your eyes on the storm clouds, but if you put your trust in Christ, He’ll give you the strength to dance in the rain.

I have many heroes in my family who have inspired me to keep going, no matter how I feel.

My Uncle Kenny was diagnosed with stage four cancer and should’ve been dead years ago, but he’s still with us, loyally serving God, his family and his church. He’s even got enough spunk to give the occasional hyper-liberal “what fer” on Facebook.

Many years ago my Aunt Sue was having kidney problems and told she would die without a donor. Miraculously, my mom was a match, so she donated a kidney, and both of these beautiful ladies are still alive today.

Loved ones and friends such as Kenny and Sue inspire me to never give up. To never surrender.

You can make it through this trial! You’ve made it through tribulations in the past, and will be victorious in the future. And when you feel you can’t walk even one more step, sit down, catch your breath, thank God for His plethora of blessings, and then start crawling.

Make up your mind that nothing or nobody can stop you. We are children of light; the anguish of night shall not prevail.

“Be on the alert! Stand firm in the faith! Be people of courage! Be strong! (1 Corinthians 16:13)”

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