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Older, Grayer, Wiser & More Tired

I was pondering one day why some faithful husbands become unfaithful with younger women as they get older. There’s the obvious answer of a young woman seemingly appearing prettier than an older woman, at least to someone so shallow as to put all their hopes and dreams solely into outward appearance. But there had to be more than that.

Then it hit me: some men don’t see themselves getting older, and are looking for someone who LOOKS as young on the outside as they FEEL on the inside. They’ve watched their once-young wife grow older, small lines appearing here and there on her face, a few gray hairs popping up, and it freaks them out. They don’t feel older, yet the lover and friend they’ve had by their side for years is aging.

They’re blind to the reality that they, too, are growing older. I always wanna slap dudes like that, and say, “Have you looked in the mirror lately, ya jerk?”

Our society puts too much pressure on people to stay young, thin and beautiful. Many define beauty as a svelte waistline and youthful face, much to the chagrin of us “normals.” The Bible reminds us, however, that humans look on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.

And since this is my blog, and I can say pretty much whatever I want, let me proclaim for the record that I consider it an HONOR to grow old with my beautiful wife. She’s more lovely now than the day I married her.

As I get older, grayer, wiser and more tired, I find myself drawn to friends whose spirits shine bright. Don’t buy into the “youth” hype: let your joy shine,  and you’ll find yourself surrounded by others who make you happy. 

That’s what matters most in life: happiness, laughter and letting God’s inner light explode out of your every pore. 

So, for once, don’t lose sleep over your hair loss. Stop walking out of the house bummed out because you’re 30 pounds over your high school weight (or 40). Don’t wince about your crow’s feet every time you look in the mirror. 

Let your spirit shine like the sun, and you’ll rediscover that infectious laugh you were once famous for.

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2 comments on “Older, Grayer, Wiser & More Tired

  1. Adam says:

    Very wise words that especially lifted me up today. I’ve been wrestling with the unavoidable negative influences in my life. While my challenge doesn’t particularly relate to aging, I most certainly have to deal with a lot of people who see life through bitter lenses. Cynical, nihilistic, hopeless–and these are Christians. This is a reminder to let my own joy shine, even when I’m not seeing it around, and to seek out sources of joy and edification I can feed off of.


    1. rolajet says:

      Ha, “Cynical, nihilistic, hopeless–and these are Christians.” That cracked me up a little than it should’ve, perhaps. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, man. Many blessings on you and your family.


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