Bloody Warcry of an Angry Soldier

One dark day, in pain and ticked off at the Devil, I put on one of my favorite Christian heavy metal bands, Impending Doom, put my earphones in, turned the music up as loud as I could stand it, closed my eyes and started banging away at the keyboard. What you'll read in this blog was knocked out in about 10 minutes. I present it to you unedited, unrevised. It is the warcry of a tortured and angry soldier, resolving himself to never give up, never give in, never surrender.

Jesus: Loser, Lord

In today’s angry world, the very people who spit in His face are the very ones Jesus loved the most. He delighted in hanging out with them so much, the religious leaders of the day deemed Him a loser, lunatic and liar. Isaiah said Jesus was no one of consequence. No physical beauty. Despised and forsaken. A man of suffering; grief’s patient friend. As if he was a person to avoid. Despised, forsaken, nobody taking notice of him. That may not jive with the opinion you have of Jesus, but that’s what the Bible says. Now THAT Jesus I can relate to.


This art piece, based on the painting, “Forgiven,” by Thomas Blackshear II, has always got to me. The man has a large nail (more like a spike, really) in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand, and the nail-scarred hands of Christ can be seen. Translation: even though the man’s wrongdoings were what nailed Jesus to the cross, the Lord still forgave him.

The Scars of Victory

The remains of the old cathedral in Coventry stand not as a hollow testament to England’s defeat, but rather, as a glorious tribute to their victory over Nazi tyranny. In the same way, we must look to our scars as reminders of victory, not defeat. Your wounds are tokens of your strength in the face of darkness.

I Was Bullied

Our family motto, which my daughter and I both have tattooed on our bodies as a reminder, is the following: NO FEAR OF THE FUTURE...NO REGRETS OF THE PAST. If you're still being bullied, please please please TELL SOMEONE. Do NOT let it continue. Life is too short to be attacked by tiny-minded imbeciles who feel bigger by making others feel small. Or maybe you're like me; you were bullied, and still carry the residual effects. Well, guess what? We have to let it go.