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“A Flower Blooming in Snow”

By Rob Weddle

“Bloom where you’re planted,” the old song cries
While the winds are howling from darkened skies
The storm blows up, from nowhere it seems
Another one of the devil’s schemes…

Here to thieve my joy

Some see a flower, I see a weed
One sees prosperity; I only bleed
A sinner, a traitor, a loser, a knave
Surrounded by warriors, I’m just a slave

Honestly, why do I stick around?

The ghost in the mirror is gaunt and fragmented
A sick, dying animal, sad and neglected
Smothering under a blanket of shame
All the while God in Heaven is calling my name!

“Come to Me!” He cries

“Come unto Me, you are anxious, fatigued
My Son gave His life to set your soul free
I’ll give you rest, child, My burden is light
For all who are weary find strength in the fight!”

So I fall at the feet of Jesus Himself…
And literally find a much-needed rest

You won’t convince me my God is not real
‘Cuz knowledge can’t alter the way that I feel
Through darkness and pain I continue to grow
As a crimson-dyed flower that blooms in the snow

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