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Life’s a Roller Coaster! (new poem)

“The Ballad of Robert Lee”

By Rob Weddle

There was a man named Robert Lee whose crooked spine did ache
The pain was so intense some days he felt his back would break
He carried on—despite his agony—with school and work
But in the stead of festive grins he wore a bitter smirk

Nightmare recollections seemed to haunt his fitful sleep
While emptiness from all the hurt into his mind would creep
Bitterness and sadness came together as his foes
The weight of life, a catalyst for that dark road he chose

Abhorring who he had become, he said he wanted change
But happiness seemed foreign to him; laughter felt so strange
Yet he knew he couldn’t go through life with all these feelings
So from his heart he cried to God for utter, total healing

Our days are written long before our mothers give us birth
But God created everything; the sun, the stars, the Earth
Surely He would wipe away all pain without a trace!
So Robert Lee stood patiently, a smile upon his face

But lessons learned are earned and not a gift to man that’s given
Wisdom isn’t cheap, or in a heart that isn’t driven
He read in the Bible that God’s grace would see him through
So whether healing came or not, he’d change his attitude

Maybe in the place of frowning he would smile at others
Perhaps he could love his neighbors as if they were brothers
Maybe He could laugh a little warmer and more often
Perhaps it was choice—not life—that was his spirit’s coffin

So Robert Lee on bended knee did thank his God for all
For every tiny miracle which kept his mind enthralled
But also for the gloomy times, for he discovered this:
Life’s a roller coaster ride he did not want to miss!

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