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Can You Dance in the Rain? Can You Sniggle at the Pain?

“Can You Dance in the Rain? Can You Sniggle at the Pain?” By Rob Weddle

One can buy the world. Another giggles while evil is uncurled.

One hurls dead glances at innocence. Another jabs at the ventricle of a child seeking recompense.

One lynches hope with words. Another can waltz seamlessly from laughter to acidity, like some vulture songbird.

One feigns hope and light. Another stashes mangled bodies just out of sight.

But this is all folly, like silhouetted demons on a child’s wall. All the darkness could gather at the door of Heaven, yet still not phase me at all.

I’m curious: do you stalk the shadowed halls of joy? Do you chase happiness, like a kitten prances after her boy?

Have you trained yourself to ignore the bile from those who don’t matter? Have you stopped languishing after the mansions your death will shatter?

Be greedy for the One your soul clamors after

I guess what I’m asking is…

Can you dance in the rain? Can you sniggle at the pain?

Dare you sashay into the fire? Some discourage; can you inspire?

Come laugh with me in the face of the devil! Watch as he slings those arrows, enraptured by visions of his entire freaking kingdom being LEVELED!

It’s your life, not theirs, so don’t tangle yourself in worthless affairs.

Be that kid who marvels at bedtime stories, even while naysayers hunger to thieve your glory.


Dance in the rain.

Just dance.

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