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Love Draws No Lines in the Sand

A couple weeks ago at work I was in one of my meditation times at lunch–that’s when I shut the door, turn out the lights and put on whatever music I’m in the mood for–when a thought hit me:

“Love knows no limits, love knows no boundaries, love draws no lines in the sand.”

Ya see, my daughter and son-in-law are separated. They’re giving it a year to see if they can patch things up, so we’ll see what happens. But the fact that they aren’t just immediately calling it quits is admirable.

I’ve previously written about how my wife (of 31 years) and I separated, but thankfully worked it out.

“Love knows no limits, love knows no boundaries, love draws no lines in the sand.”

My grandma (RIP) also told me about a time when her and my grandpa (RIP) were going to split up. Then, however, she got pregnant with my Uncle Aaron, and his birth saved their marriage. In all the years I saw them live, laugh and love together, you’d never guess they almost didn’t make it.

I’m not suggesting people not get divorced because I know sometimes things just don’t work out. Sometimes folks are just TOO different, I get that. I’m also not saying to stay with that no-good, lying, cheating and/or abusive piece-of-crap person who refuses to change, and who makes you feel worthless.

That last sentence does NOT apply to my son-in-law, by the way, in case you were wondering. The separation has been VERY amicable, and he’s been extremely accommodating.

I’m just saying that sometimes we draw the line in the sand too soon. We may be limiting our level of future happiness when we say, “My support goes only THIS FAR and no more.”

Thank God my wife didn’t do that. Thank God my grandparents didn’t do that.

Thank God HE didn’t do that. Thank the Lord He sent His only Son to be tortured to death like a criminal, so our sins could be forgiven and He could spend eternity with us.

“Love knows no limits, love knows no boundaries, love draws no lines in the sand.”

That’s all I’m saying.


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