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Livin’ Full Tilt Boogie for the Lord

I’ve struggled with spirits of depression and sadness since I was a teenager. Oh, I’m normally not one of those “Gloomy Gus” types who brings everyone down. In fact, only those CLOSEST to me can even tell when depression, or “the spirit of heaviness,” as the Bible calls it, hits me.

It happens less these days, and I’m normally happy and upbeat, but MAN, every now and again, those dense blankets of emotional fatigue are almost too much to bear.

There are tricks I’ve learned over the years to deal with such troublesome moods, and everyone has their own way of tackling these issues. As for me, being a Christian, I turn to Christ. I put on some uplifting music, and just try and stay in His presence as long as I can. I pray, I cry, and I thank Him for all the many, many blessings He’s bestowed on me and my family.

It sounds hokey or old fashioned to some, I’m sure, but I won’t apologize for it. My response is biblical. The passage below talks about having “joyous praise in place of broken hearts.”

Blog 06-28-18

Suicide has always been responsible for a large number of deaths each year, but lately, the rich and famous have been taking their own lives in staggering numbers. I could try and wax theological about “money not buying happiness,” etc, but that goes without saying.

Honestly, I just find it really tragic that people who were so revered felt they had absolutely NOTHING worth living for.

I have friends and family who have amazing testimonies of redemption, and most of us have felt the Spirit of the Lord prompting us to reach out to others, to help them in their time of need. As for me, this is my heart’s cry:

“The Spirit of the Lord God
has taken control of me!
The Lord has chosen and sent me
to tell the oppressed
the good news,
to heal the brokenhearted,
and to announce freedom
for prisoners and captives.

 This is the year
when the Lord God
will show kindness to us
and punish our enemies.

The Lord has sent me
to comfort those who mourn,
especially in Jerusalem.
He sent me to give them flowers
in place of their sorrow,
olive oil in place of tears,
and joyous praise
in place of broken hearts.
They will be called
‘Trees of Justice,’
planted by the Lord
to honor his name.

They were terribly insulted
and horribly mistreated;
now they will be greatly blessed
and joyful forever.

(Isaiah 61:1-3,7 CEV)”

If you are mourning, sorrowful or broken-hearted, please allow me to share the good news that God is real and alive, and He loves you more than you’ll ever know.

The aforementioned friends and family tried everything under the sun to find happiness, and to chase the blues away, but the only thing that worked was living full tilt boogie for the Lord.

Just something to keep in mind, for the dark times.

Prayin’ for ya!


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