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While We’re Waiting…

I’ve been writing a book of testimonies for a few months now, but my writing schedule was thrown off a bit with the holidays, and then the unfortunate passing of my mother-in-law. This week I resumed writing, which is why I haven’t posted a blog since last Thursday.

Realizing it’s been a few days, but wanting to pour all my effort into the book (this particular chapter is quite draining), I thought I’d try something different with this blog. Below is a  poem I wrote several years ago when I was trying to come to terms with the fact that I didn’t like where my life was going. None of my dreams had been realized, and I was feeling a bit down about it.

Keeping my past writings in mind, I thought perhaps someone would be encouraged by this.

To those who have grown accustomed to my normal blogs, I do apologize. I’ll be back at it in no time. Blessings.

Blog 03-14-18

“Pep-talk to the Wounded Mirror-man (Adieu)”


Why do you bury yourself in denial?
What heartache opened this gate?
Say your “bleak future” holds nothing worthwhile
But your lies are wrought from self-hate!

A scowling disdain for who you’ve become
Has privately haunted your soul
Cower in shadows of where you come from
And taken your eyes off the goal

You are a soldier for Heaven and Christ!
A child of our Father most high
Did Jesus, our Savior, pay such a steep price
For you to just wither and die?

When tendons were tearing and mockers were staring
And His life was grimly devoured
Did Jesus Christ bear all the torture and swearing
For you to just act like a coward?

Plunge from atop this mountain of guilt
And let God forgive yesterday!
Though yellow roses have started to wilt
I refuse to watch you fade away

So what if your dreams have gone unrealized?!
Nothing’s gone according to plan
Your problem is you see yourself through your eyes
And not part of God’s Warrior Clan

Your self-detestation simply won’t do
This cancerous spirit must die
Thus, I implore you to bid it “Adieu”
(By the way, that’s French for “Goodbye”)

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