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Pain Med Addiction Recovery – Early, Day Three

I can feel the prayers of my friends and family who promised to pray for me during these rough few days. 

Ya see, I’ve taken some type of prescribed pain pill for over 20 years. My son is 18, and he’s never known me to not be taking one narcotic or another for the chronic pain in my back, hips and legs. 

In 2012 I broke my addiction to hydrocodone over my week-long Christmas break. It was rough, but not nearly as bad as I expected. 

But I still had my Tramadol. I found solace in the knowledge that it was described, at least by my doctor, as “the lowest form of narcotic pain pill available.”

Regarding my pain AND my dependence on pills, I’ve been prayed for by the most powerful men and women of God I have ever met, but nothing changed until a few months ago. 

After praying and fasting intently for a few weeks, and reading a list of Bible verses twice a day, compiled from a Google search for “scriptures on healing,” the Lord honored my faith. 

My pain want from unbearable to bearable. 

It’s still there…for now. But not for long. I won’t give up until I’m fully healed. 

I wrote a poem a few years ago which ended with, “I struggle with pain every hour awake / ‘Til the Lord slay the pain or the pain overtake.”

In other words, it was gonna kill me or the Lord was gonna kill it. I swore I would be victorious, and the word “struggle” indicated that I’d never stop fighting. 

In fact, when I started my Facebrook group for Christians who suffer from chronic physical and/or emotional pain–“Broken People – Mended Spirits”–we started using the term…

Never give up, never give in, never surrender!

As I wrote in a blog a couple days ago, I was inspired by my new family physician’s confidence in me and decided to go cold turkey off of Tramadol. 

My last pill was Wednesday. Thursday afternoon it started to catch up to me so I left work and had to call in sick yesterday. For two days now I’ve had a TERRIBLE, splitting headache, so bad it makes me dizzy. I have zero energy and slept HARD for a long, 3-hour nap yesterday, yet can’t sleep well at night. 

I’m exhausted after a fitful 5 hours of sleep last night, but I’m gaining my freedom. 


As we all know, any type of freedom comes at a price. I wouldn’t emulate some 70s Pentecostal preacher and tell someone to throw their pain pills away, or give their wheelchair to the nearest nursing home. 

I think God gave us doctors, and He uses their expertise to improve our quality of life. 

But what I am saying is this: if God leads you to do something that sounds crazy (like going off your prescription pain meds when you work full-time and your VERY pregnant daughter could pop at any time), DO IT. 

He will give you the strength, stamina and courage to carry it through. 

It may sound NUTS, but God specializes in what sounds “crazy” to most everyone else. 

Yesterday I was feeling really lousy, and after my second nap of the day, told my wife–who, by the way, has been AMAZINGLY patient, understanding and encouraging through this difficult process–I thought I needed some fresh air. 

So we made the trek up the driveway to check the mail, and found the “Super Poppy” shirt I ordered just a few days ago had come in. 

Now, I’ve known these specialty ordered t-shirts to take weeks or even months to come in, but never days

I began to think about my grandson, who turns five years old in a few weeks, and how he sees no weakness in me. 

To him, I am “Super Poppy.” 

I discover the miraculous in the common every day, and saw this as God smiling on me. 

You can do this,” He seemed to be saying. “Don‘t quit. See it through to victory.”

So I’m feeling rough in my recovery, but I’m getting there. Thanks for the prayers, and keep ’em comin’!

And remember, if you’re in a battle…

You can do thisDon‘t quitSee it through to victory.

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