Where Lambs Become Lions

Nobody else looks at you as critically as YOU do. Others see your assets; all you see are your liabilities. Your faults and shortcomings. Others are younger, thinner, smarter, more talented, wittier and better looking, right? Well, the good news is God doesn’t judge people the way we do. He looks right into your heart, and sees the kind of person you are on the inside. With God, lambs become lions.

Get Medieval on the Demon of Depression

The dark cloud of depression can be emotionally crippling, can it not? We keep swallowing all that vile bitterness, not wanting to burden anyone. Suffering in silence. Sometimes our friends and family are aware and sometimes they’re not. Some interpret our depression as laziness, while others see it as a serious lack of motivation. Well, maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s age, maybe it’s chronic fatigue, but maybe, just maybe, it’s depression. I'm here to say I feel ya, but I'm not giving in. I'm not gonna quit, and you can't either.