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How Would Your Gravestone Read?

Blog 06-29-17I took this picture at Coventry Cathedral in England. There were several of these engraved stones around the sanctuary, in dedication to various people who had died over the centuries. It was actually quite fascinating, and in some cases, tragic. I recall one which told of a four-year-old who contracted a fatal illness, and another, recounting the story of a young drowning victim in his twenties.

In reading these stones, however, it got me to thinking: if I died right now, this very minute, how would my engraving read?

I’m being (perhaps a little too) transparent when I pen the following, which is my take on what my dedication stone might say:

Here lie the remains of this man, who passed away in this 50th year. He was somewhat faithful in his church attendance, and gave a paltry sum, in comparison with his wages, to the local church. He worked with prisoners and others in their pursuit of ministerial studies, but did not work with the poor. He assisted no orphans or widows in his life, and in fact, was known to be ‘not the most leisurely person to live with.’ He was an enigma, an introvert and a dreamer.”

Kind of humbling, honestly. Then my mind started humming with thoughts of “what have I really done with my life?”

I would suggest each of us take a few minutes and write out our epitaph. If God called you home today, how would it read? Some think it a mite grim, I’m sure, but it’s actually a thought-provoking exercise.

Keep in mind: when the curtain is drawn on this life, the measure of our wealth will be fully inconsequential. The only tasks withstanding the fires of judgment are those carried out in the Name of God.

The pursuit of riches is a futile quest. Just sayin’…

Listen carefully, those of you who make your plans and say, ‘We are traveling to this city in the next few days. We’ll stay there for one year while our business explodes and revenue is up.’ The reality is you have no idea where your life will take you tomorrow. You are like a mist that appears one moment and then vanishes another. (James 4:13-14)”

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