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An Impossible Tale of Heartbreak and Love

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It’s inconceivable to know the swirling torrent of emotion behind someone’s eyes. How can anyone fully comprehend the agony of another’s past unless they have, indeed, walked in that person’s well-worn shoes?

The picture above is of my daughter, Jessica, my son-in-law, Josh, and my grandson, Joshua. I’d like to share with you just a smidgen of their miraculous story.

Josh and Jess were married, and soon she became pregnant with Joshy. We knew Josh struggled with anxiety, but with Jess being an ex-addict, it seemed they complemented each other well. What we didn’t realize, though, is Josh had a dependency on prescription drugs.

As is typical, he tried his best to hide his addiction, but eventually it became too much for Jess and they divorced. Josh lived with his parents and fell into a deep depression, while Jess and little Josh moved in with us. She enrolled in nursing school and moved on with her life.

The one person keeping them in contact was that adorable grandson of mine.

Josh would try to talk to Jess when she dropped off little Joshy, but Jess wasn’t having any of it. She was understandably livid at him, and couldn’t get over it. I almost felt sorry for him, watching her completely ignore his attempts at conversation.

A dear co-worker of mine, named Edith, told me during this time, “I’m praying God restore their marriage.” I just responded, “Thanks,” but I nearly laughed out loud. I wanted to say, “Ok, well, that’ll never happen, but if you wanna waste your time and breath on a useless prayer, go for it.” I wanted to say, “You don’t know what they went through” and “you don’t know how BAD things got between them!”

But I just said, “Thanks” and forgot about it.

Meanwhile, Josh went through a hell of his own, dealing with not only anxiety and his dependency on pills, but with having lost the love of his life. “Depression” is not a strong enough word to describe the darkness his spirit endured during this time.

My wife and I began praying for them both, hoping they would both find someone else and move on. “Send Jess a good man,” we pleaded with God. “Send her a good, Christian man who will love her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.”

And the Lord answered that prayer, but not quite the way we expected.

One day, after they had been divorced a couple years, Jess came up to me and angrily stated, “Alright, I did it!”

“Did what?” I asked.

“I know God doesn’t want Josh and I to get back together because that’s just crazy, but I told God it’s not up to me. I want His will, not mine. I told God I was open to the possibility of getting back together, but I don’t want to!” she stated, storming off to her bedroom.

It started slow: they began talking civilly to each other (which was a miracle in itself). Soon they agreed to go out for supper, just to talk, just as friends.

Jess invited Josh over to the house after their first “date” back together. My wife and I nearly cried when Joshy said, “My daddy is coming here? To my house? My mommy and daddy will be in the same house together?” He was so excited, and when his daddy arrived Joshy grabbed his hand and said, “C’mere, daddy, I wanna show you my room!” I had to go into our bedroom and shut the door to keep from bursting into tears in front of everybody.

“What are you doing, here, Lord?” I asked. “You know their marriage is beyond saving. What’s up with all this?” I was convinced their relationship was hopeless. I mean, it wasn’t a matter of me “wondering” or being “pretty sure,” I was 100% certain.

I was wrong.

Gradually, over time, God healed Josh of his dependency, and healed Jessy’s mind to where she could fully forgive him. Even better, she slowly began falling back in love with him.

They were remarried last summer. Joshy was their ring-bearer.

I can’t really put into words how grateful I am to the Lord for repairing their marriage. Josh is like a son to me, and I’m so very proud of him. Jessy is now a full-time hospice nurse, and little Josh is giddy to have his mommy and daddy together.

Additionally, he and our 18 year old son have restored their relationship, and Trey looks at Josh as an older brother.

It’s all been a blessing windfall none of us expected.

God could’ve sent them other people to love, and we would’ve all moved on, but instead, chose to repair the seemingly irreparable. He cured the seemingly incurable.

He done the “impossible” and performed a miracle we never even asked for.

Simply because He can.

Don’t let anyone tell you something is hopeless. My God is the God of the impossible, and loves to prove it to us every now and again.

Simply because He can.

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