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Why Hasn’t God Healed Me?

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Coming from someone who has lived in chronic pain in my back, hips and legs for over 30 years, and have endured two back surgeries, along with all the emotional baggage which accompanies constant affliction (like anger and depression), the question of why some are healed and some are not has haunted me.

When people say it’s always God’s will to heal us, I point to the writings of the Apostle Paul, which say, “The things God showed me were so great. But to keep me from being too full of pride because of seeing these things, I have been given trouble in my body (or what some versions call “a thorn in the flesh”). It was sent from Satan to hurt me. It keeps me from being proud.  I asked the Lord three times to take it away from me. He answered me, ‘I am all you need. I give you My loving-favor. My power works best in weak people.’ I am happy to be weak and have troubles so I can have Christ’s power in me. (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).”

Some claim a lack of healing stems from either inadequate faith or hidden sin, which I suppose is true in a few cases, but definitely not all, in my opinion. If you’ve ever told someone this, make it a point never to do it again unless you feel specifically ordered by the Lord. It’s beyond frustrating for someone to spend weeks, months or years trying to either figure out why they don’t have “enough” faith, or what “secret sin” remains unconfessed.

One man told me a few months ago people who haven’t received their healing simply “don’t have enough faith.” I nearly laughed out loud when he said that. “It’s that simple?!” I sarcastically thought. “Whew, cleared that right up for me, thanks!”

Tell that to the Apostle Paul, man. He was one of the primary players in the New Testament church’s growth, and God chose not to heal him, for the greater good.

I was wrestling with God one day, exasperated because He hadn’t healed me, and then I stumbled across this Bible verse: “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us (2 Corinthians 1:4).”

“Since I’m not being healed right now,” I surmised, “I might as well try and use my experiences to let others know I can relate to their pain, and that they’re not alone.” So I started a Facebook group called “Broken People – Mended Spirits,” for Christians who live with chronic physical and/emotional pain. I figured if I’m not going to be healed, perhaps I can allow the Lord to use me to comfort others. It seems to be working, because people seem to really be uplifted by the posts in the group.

All that being said, a couple months ago I collected a group of Bible verses about healing, and told the Lord, “I’m going to read these at least twice every day, even on days I don’t believe in them, just to prove my faith in You.” Well, MIRACULOUSLY, about a month ago God began a healing work in my back! My pain has lessened considerably, and I’m believing Jesus will finish the work when He’s good and ready.

We never know what good we can do in comforting others who are suffering as we are, and we never know when God might decide to heal us, even if the healing doesn’t arrive until we don our new, heavenly bodies, on that grand and glorious day when we pass through the veil and enter Heaven.

My advice would be this: keep looking forward, hoping and praying for a healing. While you’re waiting, however, be on the lookout for other like-minded sufferers to bless. You wouldn’t believe how much joy can be found by someone simply saying, “I know how you feel.”



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