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Shadow or Shadow Killer?

I’m alive today because of my mom.

I started experiencing depression when I was a teenager. My dad was the president of a bank and worked long hours, so he didn’t have as much time as he would like for his kids. Thus, my mom was my world for several years. 

Growing up, my mom became my encourager and my best friend. I can’t tell you how many times she came into my room, into the darkness and the grim posters and the heavy metal and the depression, and lit up my spirit.

Many people tell you that things are going to get better, but my mom literally would not leave me alone until she knew I believed it. The brightness of her soul was contagious to me, and I somehow knew life must get better, if only because she said it would.

Even though I was raised a Christian, and to believe suicide was wrong, I don’t think I would have made it out of my teenage years alive without the love of my mother. I figure if I can shine half as bright as she does, my life will have been a success.

She helped to slay the shadows of a very confused, angry and depressed adolescent. My mom, the Shadow Killer.

It will be one of two ways: either our love and encouragement will shine brightly on others, or our anger and dissatisfaction with life will cast a dark shadow on our friends and family. We cannot serve as both light and shadow. 

So today, my question is this: for those you love the most, are you the Shadow or the Shadow Killer?

I love you, Mom.

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