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Scoffing Cynics, Seafood and Snapchat

Some think we Christians are delusional, and that’s fine. I’ve heard it said the only people who put hope in a glorious next life are those who aren’t happy with this one. I make it a point never to debate heated cynics, so I won’t be draggin’ out my King James Bible—the one “big enough to choke a mule,” as Christian Comedian Mike Warnke used to say—and thwacking skeptics on the noggin with biblical “proof.” Rather, I’ll just keep praying, trying to wallow through the muck of today, and do my best to keep a joyful spirit about it.

Instead of trolling social media, looking for empty spaces to insert droplets of knowledge, always on the hunt for another irate scoffer, I have made a choice to live my life the best way I know how, and take joy where I can find it.

I’ll keep making funny faces at toddlers to make them smile. I’ll keep recording Snapchat videos with my son and grandson, doing my best to make them laugh, and spread a little happiness here and there while I’m at it. I’ll continue going to church Sunday mornings, letting the pure, unadulterated bliss that is the Holy Spirit’s presence infiltrate my tired soul. Doesn’t make me better than anyone else; just makes me a believer in Christ, trying to make sense out of the desolation of this life, while simultaneously doing my best to please the Lord.

I would, however, like to assert the following: if the misery, misfortune and melancholy of this world is all I had, I would be a wretched man, indeed.

The thing is, nobody will ever convince me there is no God, and furthermore, that He doesn’t love me. “Thus,” I tell the livid detractors, “if you’re gonna try and dissuade me from believing, save your breath, man. Let’s both sidestep what I’m sure will be a fascinatingly heated argument, and go get some seafood.”

I pray everyone reading this will have some type of encounter with God this weekend. See, when you have a true “encounter,” there are only two options: accept or reject. Adoration or contempt. Either God’s grace and mercy permeates your entire being, or you walk away and make a conscious decision to reject Him.

But you can’t forget it. You choose to believe, or you choose not to, but you can’t just dismiss it altogether.

Therefore, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. What you do with this day is up to you, but please note: no matter what you choose, I still love you, and so does the Lord.

Yes, someday the chronic pain, depression, anxiety and bitterness will dissipate, as evidenced by this uplifting portion of scripture, which will close today’s inscription:

“The Lord Almighty, Commander of heavenly armies, is preparing a feast, a feast for everyone on this mystical mountain (note from author: most versions say “Mount Zion in Jerusalem”) with aged wine and good food, the finest wine and choicest meat. And God will swallow up the oppression that weighs us down. He will take away the heavy shroud that is draped over all peoples of the world. God will swallow up death forever. The Lord God will wipe away the tears from each and every face and deflect the scorn and shame His people endure from the whole world. The Lord has spoken—he will surely do it! And in that moment, at that glorious time, people will say, ‘This is our God in whom we trust, for whom we waited. Now at last he is here.’ What a day of rejoicing (Isaiah 25:6-9)!”


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