Jesus Called Us “Sheep” — Is That an Insult or What?

As a Christian, I’ve always kind of avoided (and perhaps, to be honest, been a tad insulted by) Bible verses which refer to me and my spiritual family as “sheep.” The modern-day consensus seems to be that sheep are blind, spineless and ignorant, good for nothing but thoughtlessly grazing the hillside unless they're being sheared … Continue reading Jesus Called Us “Sheep” — Is That an Insult or What?

Depression, our Familiar Beast

Honestly, it’s scary how prevalent depression is these days. And don’t kid yourself: like divorce, it’s probably just as commonplace in the church as out. I say “probably” because we don’t have the official numbers, since, to some, confessing depression is like admitting weakness. Based on my personal experience, though, having lived with depression for … Continue reading Depression, our Familiar Beast